1980 BATMAN ANNUAL UK - BATMAN full colour DPS! Gibbons first published DC characters art! - DAVE GIBBONS - Watchmen / Alan Moore

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
Artists: DAVE GIBBONS all

Holy Original Bat Pages!
  This is arguably Dave Gibbons first professional art of DC Comics characters published...and in full colour!
 A DPS featuring Bruce Wayne; Robin the Boy Wonder; Commissioner Gordon; The Creeper; Penguin; Two-Face; Joker; Riddler; Catwoman; and the Batmobile and Bat-jet!

This art was created in 1979 for the BATMAN ANNUAL 1980 ( released at Xmas 1979, dated for the year ahead! ). The annual featured mostly reprints of US Batman strips...and this Puzzle page!
It was published by Egmont Fleetway for the UK market,a good 3 years before Dave was approached to do Green Lantern Corps for DC Comics!
Art is 35 X 46 cm on Bristol Board in good condition.

£ 7500.00 pounds ( time payments available! )

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