• JUDGE DREDD - THE CURSED EARTH - Osprey games - card art 7 - Rufus Dayglo

    Art Type: Pinup
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: RUFUS DAYGLO (all)

    Original art for Card 7 'Mean Machine Vs Dino' featuring Mean Machine, from the 2019 OSPREY game 'JUDGE DREDD - THE CURSED EARTH'.
    Art is A4 size, 300gr art paper, in very good condition.

    £ 200.00




    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    From WARRIOR #26 (the final issue!) LIBERATORS -'NIGHT MOVES', Pg.12 Early work by world renowned fan favourite GRANT MORRISON and MIRACLEMAN artist John Ridgway! Probably some of the earliest available Morrision scripted art available! Art is an awesome 40 x 55 cm, on CS10 art board Ever so slightly off white surface colour to board ( 30 year old art board!) 450 pounds (or all 4 MORRISON - NIGHT MOVE pages for 1500 pounds)


  • WINNIE WINKLE Dec. 4th 1981 Chicago Tribune Newspaper strip - JOE KUBERT

    Art Type: Strip Art
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Fantastic original art from the famous WINNIE WINKLE newspaper syndicated strip.
     'WINNIE' which appeared in the Chicago tribune was syndicated all over the USA and ran from the 1920s to 1996. The series was so popular it even had a film series in the 1920s!
    This page feature the titular Winnie, and is a beautiful example of Joe's women.
    Lovely affordable example of master Joe Kubert's art. Masterful storytelling with trademark examples of Joe's characterisations.
    Art is drawn on a cut down DC page.
    Active art area is 11.5 x 36 cm. in good condition.

    £ 450.00 pounds



  • ROBOCOP #23 Page 20 - Marvel comics - Lee Sullivan

    Art Type: Splash Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    All Action Semi Splash page from ROBOCOP # 23, Marvel Comics 1990. 28 x 43cm. art on Marvel comics paper
    £ 350.00


  • 2000ad Annual 1990 Cover artwork - CLIFF ROBISON art

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: CLIFF ROBINSON (all)

    Superb Cover artwork for the 2000ad Annual 1990 by acclaimed art droid Cliff Robinson! A rare opportunity to get an Annual cover!

    Line art is drawn on heavy paper, and then cliff hand coloured a copy for the final art. So you get two pieces that can be displayed side by side!


    Art is 36 X 53 cm.


    £ 2500.00 ( for the pair )




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