2000AD PROG 483 DPS - BLUELINE COLOURS ( Not Original art ) - BRYAN TALBOT

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread

Beautiful Blueline painted Double Page Splash art with a plastic cel Line art overlay from 2000AD Prog 483, cover date 16th August 1986, hand painted and signed by artist Bryan Talbot!

Pre - Photoshop, to colour art, A 'Blueline' copy ( in non rerpo blue ink ) was made and painted over. Then a plastic cel with the Black line art was taped over the top...and Voila... Full colour art!

This is an original painted art by Bryan Talbot, BUT the Line art is on a plastic celand is NOT original.

Displays beautifully, a great DPS image!

31 X 36 cm in Fine condition

£ 650.00

?Second checkin spot



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