V for Vendetta page 18 - DC COmics STAT page - DAVID LLOYD / ALAN MOORE

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: DAVID  LLOYD 

V for VENDETTA on DC Comics page with all STAT art. ( This is photographically produced repro art, to resize it. this was of course pre photoshop! )
 These Stat pages were prepared for the American edition of 'V for Vendetta' which was  published by DC Comics in 1988.
The art had to be resized from the originals in WARRIOR magazine to fit an american comics format.
A nice piece of comics history, and a lovely display item. Great shot of V on bottom left!
Active art area is 30 x 43.5 cm on DC comics art board.
£ 550.00 pounds


Philippe Boon

?Second checkin spot



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