FREAKS - 2000AD prog 543 page 23 - JOHN HIGGINS art / PETER MILLIGAN story ( Watchmen colourist )

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: JOHN HIGGINS all

Fantastic original art page from  2000ad Prog 543, Cover dated 10th October 1987! Art is by John Higgins ( famous for also being the colourist on WATCHMEN ! ) and story by the incredible Peter Milligan! FREAKS was a 6 part series about London yuppie Carl Woolf, abducted by aliens who mistakenly believe he can give them Earth's military secrets! Like all good Milligan tales, it mixes adsurdism, wry social commentary, and sci-fi in equal measures!

Active art area  is 30 X 40 cm in very good condition

£ 300.00 pounds

?Second checkin spot



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