SLAINE - TIME KILLER - 2000ad prog 411 pencil version - GLENN FABRY

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page

Grail page alert! This is a very special piece.... This is Glenn Fabry's very first fully pencilled version of his first 2000ad page! The editor asked him to make changes to clarify storytelling, so Glenn completely redrew it on a seperate board( listed seperately, the inked version!!) which is unfortunate as this version has a kick ass Splash panel of Slaine and Ukko the dwarf!!  Page one of 'TIME KILLER', from 2000AD prog 411, Cover date 30th March 1985! Page features Slaine, Ukko the Dwarf, and Nest. Art is on Daler Art board, 38 x 45 cm. in fine condition. £ 2250.00 pounds ( or available as a pair for £ 4000.00 )

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