Super early unpublished 2000ad cover from 1977! Jose Luis Ferrer art!

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Jose Luis Ferrer 
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A very rare find! This was one of the early 2000ad 'Supercovers' drawn by Jose Luis Ferrer ( who worked on Battle, Starlors and early 2000ad ). The Supercovers only ran between Progs 19 (July 1977) and Prog 43 (Dec.1977). You can see where the logo placement was pencilled, and the room on the bottom right for the 'Supercover' box!  This was published however in the early 2000ad 1979 ( actually 1978, the dated a year ahead for Xmas sales! ) Annual in the back inside cover, with a short text story, as a riff on the cavemen from 20001 : a Space Odyssey!


Art is oversized, 35 x 46 cm on card.


?Second checkin spot



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