SLAINE - 2000AD Monthly #33 - cover bromide copy and colourist copy - Glenn Fabry art

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: GLENN FABRY all

This is the original blue line colourist's copy ( with plastic sheet overlay ), and the B&W Bromide copy the cover pasted up on artboard  of 2000ad Monthly #33 cover date June 1988, the colourist's copy is 23 x 28 cm. active art area. The B&W bromide copy is 26.5 x 33 cm. active art area. Just to be clear, this is NOT the original art, it is an editorial paste up copy used to make the Reprint! It displays well, and is a great entry level cover for your collection.
£ 400.00 pounds



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