• DAN DARE - 2000AD Prog 57 Cover art - DAVE GIBBONS - WATCHMEN

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: DAVE GIBBONS (all)

    Lovely DAN DARE cover from 2000ad Prog 57, 25 March 1978 by legendary artist Dave Gibbons, he even lettered this!

    Art is on heavy card in fine condition, 39 X 53 cm.

    £ 3500.00


  • DAN DARE - SPACE FORT 2000ad Star Pin Up - BRIAN LEWIS

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Very rare and early 2000ad art by acclaimed artist Brian Lewis used as a Back Cover on 2000ad prog 81, 9th September 1978.
    Brian illustrated DAN DARE - 'NIGHTMARE PLANET' in 2000ad Prog 61-63, and this was originally intended as the cover for Prog 62 ( hence the large are around the moon for the logo and title to cover ).

    It went unused as they bumped forward 'Death planet' in to Prog 62, a new short series, and Brian was instead commissioned to do that cover as well.

    The original cover was then used later on as back cover pin up in Prog 81!

    Brian was famous for his 60s sci fi cover art, and his work on Captain Condor (amongst others! ) His work was cut short by his untimely death in December 1978, so this was some of his last professional comic art.

    Art is on CS-10 art board, 36 by 48 cm. in good condition.

    £ 3500.00 ( UK sterling )


  • 2000ad Prog 117 Cover - JUDGE DREDD - Ron Smith art

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Mixed Media
    Artist: RON SMITH (all)

    Incredibly rare full colour art by the great RON SMITH from 2000ad prog 117, 16 June 1979.

    2000ad had a brief period between Progs 113 - 126 where they got to print on higher grade stock and with Offset printing so could have fully painted covers for the first time. This was Ron Smith's full colour Judge Dredd cover.

    Most covers of this period were drawn B&W, then coloured as seperations on an editorial copy. This however is fully painted art from 2000ad's Golden age!.

    Art is on heavy Dorchester illustration board, 34 x 44 cm. Lettering on art is Tom Frame's original. 2000ad Title and date are repro on acetate, as Ron thtough out the acetates as he disliked them!


    A rare opportunity to have an early Judge Dredd cover and a piece of 2000ad history!


    £ 10000.00


  • Nemesis, ABC Warriors, Metalzoic Illustration by Kevin O'Neill ( League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Alan Moore )

    Art Type: Specialty Piece
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: KEVIN O'NEILL (all)

    This fantastic Illustration was originally done for the 1986 UKCAC booklet (United Kingdon Comic Art Convention).

    It features all the characters that Kev O'Neill is famous for at 2000ad, busting at of a 'hume' (as Nemesis does in his 2000ad series!) Clockwise..Nemesis the Warlock, Metalzoic, Ro-Jaws from ABC Warriors, and Torquemada the Grand Inquisitor. This piece features all the characters he was famous for in the 1980s!

    Art is on Kraft-tint board, 24 by 34 cm.

    £ 1500.00


  • JUDGE DREDD - 2000ad Prog 38 Complete Episode! - Ian Gibson art

    Art Type: Full Story
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: IAN GIBSON (all)

    Absolutely superb  very early JUDGE DREDD complete episode from 2000ad Prog 38,12 November 1977, by  artist Ian Gibson, and written by John Wagner.

    Showcasing not only Judge Dredd, but his right hand man, Judge Giant.

    It is incredibly rare to find early complete episodes. A unique opportunity to acquire an early stand alone story!

    Pages are large, 43 X 61 cm.


    £ 5000.00




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