• JUDGE DREDD - 2000ad Prog 459 Cover - Brett Ewins art

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: BRETT EWINS (all)

    A rare opportunity to pick up an 80s Judge Dredd cover! Cover art for 2000ad Prog 459, Cover Date - 1st March 1986 featuring JUDGE DREDD by fan favourite Brett Ewins! 'The Last Voyage of the Flying Dutman!' . Signed lower right by Brett Ewins and write Alan Grant.  Active Art is 31 x38 cm. Art in very good condirtion, all original Logos and lettering in place.



  • THE VCs - 2000AD PROG 171 PG 24 Title Page - JOHN RICHARDSON

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: JOHN RICHARDSON (all)

    2000AD Prog 171 pg 24, 2nd August 1980, The VCs page by artist John Richardson and writer Gerry Finley Day. Trooper Steve Smith tries to stop alien Geek infiltrators.

    Art on heavy card, 38 x 54cm.


    £ 400.00 pounds


  • 'A History of Violence' graphic novel pages 126 and 127- art Vince Locke, Story John Wagner

    Art Type: Double Page Spread
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: VINCE LOCKE (all)

    A History of Violence is a graphic novel written by John Wagner and illustrated by Vince Locke, originally published in 1997 by Paradox Press and later by Vertigo Comics, both imprints of DC Comics.

    It is also the source for the film of the same name directed by David Cronenberg, the first cinematic adaption of a work by John Wagner since 1995's Judge Dredd.

    The art was done on boards supplied by DC Comics allowing Vince to draw 2 pages sequentially. So all originals are almost DPSs.

    This is a great sequences of Tom McKenna, the 'hero' of the story, in his former life as 'Joey' and his best friend Richie as they murder and rob some Mafia gangsters ( these events are what the whole book revolves around! )

    Active art area of 30 X 42 cm. on heavy Paradox press art board in very good condition

    £ 650.00 pounds


  • STRONTIUM DOG - 2000AD prog 432, Page 4 - CARLOS EZQUERRA

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Fantastic STRONTIUM DOG page from  the 'Slavers of Drule' in 2000ad Prog 432, 24th August 1985.

    Wulf Sternhammer and Johnny Alpha in full action! Written by Alan Grant, illustrated by the master himself, Carlos Ezquerra!


    Art is 35 X 43 cm. in very good condition.

    £ 1000.00 ( pounds Sterling )


  • SLAINE - TIME KILLER - 2000ad prog 411 - GLENN FABRY

    Art Type: Splash Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: GLENN FABRY (all)

    Grail page alert! Glenn Fabry's very first printed SLAINE page and Page one of 'TIME KILLER', from 2000AD prog 411, Cover date 30th March 1985! Page features Slaine, Ukko the Dwarf, and Nest. Art is on Daler Art board, 38 x 45 cm. in fine condition. £ 2500.00 pounds  ( pencilled version listed seperatley, and they are available as a pair for £ 4000.00 )




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