• 2000ad prog 357 Cover - SLAINE - SKY CHARIOTS - Cam Kennedy art

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: CAM KENNEDY (all)

    Absolutely stunning incredibly rare SKY CHARIOTS era SLAINE  cover by master 2000ad artist CAM KENNEDY.

    Cover date 25 February 1984.

    Art on sturdy Oram &Robinson illustration board in very good condition.

    Active art area 32 x 38 cm. Signed 'Cam Kennedy' on left above Slaine figure.


    £ 8000.00 pounds


  • DR WHO magazine #140 Page 6- 'Dr Who - Keepsake' - JOHN HIGGINS ART - Seventh Dr Who / Watchmen

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: JOHN HIGGINS (all)

    Lovely page from DR WHO magazine #140, September 1988. 'Dr Who - Keepsake' by artist JOHN HIGGINS ( Watchmen colourist ) and writer SIMON FURMAN (Transformers) -  Featuring the Seventh Dr Who, Sylvester McCoy, and deep space salvage agent 'Keepsake'

    Art is 32 x 44 cm. on art card. Crease on upper left of page, but nothing serious!

    £ 250.00 pounds


  • ROBOCOP #13 Page 2- Marvel comics - Lee Sullivan

    Art Type: Splash Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Splash page from ROBOCOP #13, Marvel Comics, "Past Sins". 30 x 45cm. original art.
    £ 450.00


  • 2000ad Prog 41 Cover - Brett Ewins / Brendan McCarthy art!

    Art Type: Cover
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: BRETT EWINS (all)

    An incredinly rare early 2000ad Cover from the first year of publication dated 3rd December 1977! This one is drawn by not one, not two 2000ad legends! Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy collaborated on this early cover! They were invited to pitch ideas to the editor, who then turned the images into one page back up stories, they did a short series of these and called them Super Covers! Written in pencil below the art is 'What lurks in the Labrynth?'


    Art is 39.5 X 42 cm on card. Some historical creases to card at bottom, but does not affect art.


    £ 3000.00 pounds


  • RoBUSTERS - STARLORD Summer Special 1978 - Page 1 - Geoff Campion art - 2000ad / ABC Warriors

    Art Type: Splash Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: GEOFF CAMPION (all)

    Fantastic opening splash page by the legendary British artist Geoff Campion, who was IPC's foremost artist in the 1960s.  This is from RoBusters ( the forerunner to ABC Warriors in 2000ad! ), and was published in July 1978 in the STARLORD Summer Special. STARLORD only ran fromMay - Oct 1978 for 22 issues, and this one special. STARLORD had a slightly higher budget and printing quality, so most art was done in B&W with a tonal wash (Like this strip).  A rare chance to own an early piece of Starlord / 2000ad history! Page is 38 x 51 cm in good conditions. ( there is some creasing. )

    £ 650.00 pounds




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