• FIRST PUBLISHED IMAGE OF JUDGE DREDD!!! First ever Mick McMahon drawn JUDGE DREDD! 2000ad Prog 6 page - Mick / Mike McMahon

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: MIKE MICK McMAHON (all)

    Holy Drokk! Here is a piece of 2000ad History! This page has the VERY first image of Judge Dredd ever published!!! ( JUDGE DREDD on his bike. This was used to advertise 2000ad pre-launch!!! )

    Mick McMahon was the first published Judge Dredd artist in 2000ad. After Carlos left the strip ( Pre launch of 2000ad in 1976 ), Mick McMahon was selected to draw the first stories. He quickly came to be Judge Dredd's finest and most influential artist.  This strip is also remarkeable as it contains the FIRST ever published image of JUDGE DREDD on his bike, firing the cannons, which was used to advertise 2000ad in other comics prelaunch! This is the first published Judge Dredd image anywhere.

    This first JUDGE DREDD strip that Mick was commissioned in 1976 was ' Body Snatchers / Frankenstein2 ', and was eventually scheduled to be published in Prog 6, 2nd April 1977 ( it had to be editted for excessive violence, which you can see on this original art!  These stories were commissioned at the same time as things went wrong for ACTION weekly comic in the UK, and the editorial staff were forced to rein in violent content by IPC Publishers. )

    In the uneditted strip Judge Dredd executes the felon on the final page. These have been censored.

    You will also notice that in this early strip JUDGE DREDD's badge says 'Judge', not 'Dredd', as Carlos's first strip had utilitarian badges, not personalised. Mick followed suit, but editorial decided to make them named badges, so readers would more easily distinguish Judges from each other!   This page is Mick's very first ever Judge Dredd Image.

    The editor selected a later drawn strip ( a story called 'Judge Whitey' )  to be published first in Prog 2, as that story better encapsulated what Judge Dredd was about.

    Art is 39 x 49cm. on board in fine condition. All original speech balloons and Logos attached.

    £ 15,000 pounds  Time payments available.

    The whole story is available on request at an inclusive price. DM for details.


  • DR WHO magazine #140 Page 8 - 'Dr Who - Keepsake' - JOHN HIGGINS ART - Seventh Dr Who / Watchmen

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Lovely last page from DR WHO magazine #140, September 1988. 'Dr Who - Keepsake' by artist JOHN HIGGINS ( Watchmen colourist ) and writer SIMON FURMAN (Transformers) -  Featuring the Seventh Dr Who, Sylvester McCoy, and deep space salvage agent 'Keepsake'

    Art is 32 x 44 cm. on art card.

    £ 300.00 pounds


  • 2000AD prog 130 pg 5 - JUDGE DREDD - DAVE GIBBONS art - Watchmen

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: DAVE GIBBONS (all)

    Superb early 2000ad JUDGE DREDD page from 'Dredd and the Mob Blitzers' in 2000ad Prog 130, 15 September 1979.

    Dave Gibbons only ever drew this one Judge Dredd short story (he helped ink a Bolland episode to help Brian out, but it wasn't his strip).
    A rare chance to get a Judge Dredd page from the creator of the Watchmen!

    Active art is 34 X 45 cm.

    £ 2000.00


  • 2000ad annual 1981 Inside Front Cover - Deadlock - ABC Warriors - Kevin O'Neill art

    Art Type: Pinup
    Media Type: Mixed Media
    Artist: KEVIN O'NEILL (all)

    This gorgeous pin up is from the 2000ad annual dated 1981 ( It came out Christmas 1980 ) and is the Inside Front Cover , featuring Deadlock from the ABC Warriors by master artist Kevin O'Neill, who has gone on to huge fame with Alan Moore on League of extraordinary Gentlemen.

    This is a glorious example of Kevin O'Neill's design work for the new ABC Warriors series.

    Art has an acetate overlay ( with the red edging  and lettering )

    Art is 29 X 39 cm. on art board.


    £ 3000.00


  • RoBusters / ABC Warriors Pinup - Kevin O'Neill - 2000ad

    Art Type: Pinup
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: KEVIN O'NEILL (all)

    Absolutely superb pin up of Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws, the stars of RoBusters ( and later ABC Warriors! )  They were created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill as 2000ad's answer to C3P0 and R2D2.

    This pin up was created for the Society of Strip Illustrators 1978 'yearbook', where members would contribute examples of their work. The SSI acted as an informal union attempting to work for better rates, return of original art, and even credits for the  illustrators in the books/comics that they worked on.

    This is a very early and rare piece of Kevin's art, as he helped define the look of so many major characters in 2000ad.

    Art is in fine condition, on card, 27 X 34 cm.

    £ 2000.00




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