• The VCs first episode! 2000ad Prog 140 page 11 - Mick / Mike McMahon art

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Holy Drokk!!! Here is a fantastic piece of 2000ad history! The second page to the space epic 'The VCs' from Prog 140, 24 November 1979 by the master of British Comics Mick McMahon. The editors had wanted to hire Mick to design the series, but as they had no development budget, they commissioned Mick to draw the first episode, that way to give it to the regular series artists ( Garry Leach and Cam Kennedy ) as a style guide for them to follow. Mick pulled out all the stops and is at the top of his game in this episode. Trooper Steve Smith is introduced and prepares to board the VCs ship! Suit up!!!!!

    Art is 34.5 x 41.5 on board in fine condition.

    £ 2500.00

    This  complete 4 page episode is also avalable for £ 10,000.


  • 2000AD prog 1050 page 22 - 'I was a Teenage Tax Consultant!' Ian Gibson / John Wagner

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    Beautiful fully painted page from Ian Gibson ( Halo Jones ) and writer John Wagner's ( Judge Dredd ) absurdist story 'I was a Teenage Tax Consultant!', a story about a hipster who is itten by a ...Tax Consultant, and every full moon he becomes one himself!

    Published in 2000ad Prog 1050, 8 July 1997.

    Art is in very good condition with lettering on an attached acetate layer.

    Page size 37 x 51 cm.

    £ 450.00


  • 2000ad Prog 578 - ABC WARRIORS fight page - SIMON BISLEY - The BIZ

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink
    Artist: SIMON BISLEY (all)

    BIG JOBS!!!! Mongrol and Mek quake duke it out, and Blackblood almost finds out what's in Joe Pineapples chest box, but is thwarted by Terri, the human who thinks she's a robot! From 2000ad Prog 578, 11 June 1988. Art is HUGE, 52 x 62 cm on card in good condition, no issues. On the back of the page is various sketches, a half body Joe Pineapples, pencilled Blackblood head, a human head, and a winged creature. 3500.00 pounds (time payments available)


  • ROBOCOP #23 Page 20 - Marvel comics - Lee Sullivan

    Art Type: Splash Page
    Media Type: Pencil and Ink

    All Action Semi Splash page from ROBOCOP # 23, Marvel Comics 1990. 28 x 43cm. art on Marvel comics paper
    £ 350.00


  • LIGHT and DARKNESS WAR - Page 12, Issue 4 - CAM KENNEDY - 2OOOAD

    Art Type: Interior Page
    Media Type: Mixed Media

    Lovely page from the first issue of The LIGHT and DARKNESS WAR by 2000ad legend Cam Kennedy! Cam Kennedy established a profitable working relationship with writer Tom Veitch, producing the creator-owned Vietnam War-inspired science fiction fantasy The Light and Darkness War for Marvel Comics' Epic imprint. This led to the pair working on a Star Wars spin-off, Dark Empire, for Dark Horse Comics. Art on watercolour board, Acrylic and Gouache. Cam at the height of his powers as an artist! 900.00




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