2000ad Prog 140 Back cover - Starlord Pin up - Dave Gibbons - Watchmen

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover

Lovely Back Cover to 2000ad Prog 140, 29 Nov. 1979, by none other than Dave Gibbons! This is also a little piece of history, as this art would've been done for STARLORD pre 2000ad/Starlord merger in Prog 86. The 'Guide to the Galaxy' features a pinup of STARLORD, the 'editor' of the defunct Starlord comic, and the 'Watch the Stars' illo has Galactic Warriors with the Kevin O'Neill designed sticker tattoo emblems given away at the launch of the Starlord comic in 1978. IPC who owned both magazines naturally just used the Starlord art in 2000ad, waste not, want not! Art is 37 X 43 com on card in good condition. 1500.00 Pounds



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