2000ad - Judge Dredd ‘Judge Child Quest’ Prog 176 Page 20 - Mick McMahon art / John Wagner Story

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page

Holy Drokk! Grail alert!  The JUDGE CHILD QUEST is considered one of THE great epics in the world of JUDGE DREDD, and none more so than the episodes done by Mick McMahon. He brought us the Angel Gang, and in this episode you get the Angels in all their unholy glory! These are from 2000AD Prog 176, cover date 6 September 1980.   Superb page with Judge Child, and Pa, Fink and Junior Angel!. These are without doubt some of Mick’s finest B&W episodes of Dredd.  Art is in very fine condition, all original lettering attached. This art has never been displayed, and is pristine. All pages signed by Mick lower right. 

£ 2250.00 pounds ( time payments available ) 



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