ABC WARRIORS / RoBusters enormous Poster image from 2000ad Sci Fi Summer Special 1979 - Kevin O'Neill

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
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Absolutely stunning enormous ABC WARRIORS/ RoBusters 'MEK WARS' double page Poster image form the 2000AD Summer Special 1979 ( July 1979 )!!  Art is entirely drawn and painted by master comic book artist Kevin O'Neill.

This is a real piece of 2000AD Comic book history! Kevin designed RoBusters and ABC WARRIORS, and this image was used to help define the ABC WARRIORS.
The ABC WARRIORS were launched Summer 1979 as a prequel to the popular RoBusters storyline which had migrated to 2000AD from Starlord weekly.
This is one of the very first ABC Warriors images, and in full colour!

'Mek Wars’ shows Hammerstein, Mek Quake, and Joe Pinapples fighting Volgan Death Troopers on a D-Day style beach assault.

Art area is 46 x 70cm on heavy art board in fine condition. Art is currently mounted in an archival frame, but can removed. No light damage, never displayed. Colours are all bright and crisp.  We have only photographed this piece due to the size, we didn't want to damage it on the scanner.

£ 8500.00 pounds ( Time payments available )



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