ROGUE TROOPER 2000AD PROG 260-263 Quadruple page splash! - TOTAL WAR - DAVE GIBBONS ART Watchmen

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: Sold
Artists: DAVE GIBBONS all

Total War! The title says it all. Rogue Trooper was invented by artist Dave Gibbons and writer Gerry Finley Day for 2000ad, and quickly became a favourite, eclipsing even Judge Dredd in popularity.
This piece was displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2001 as part of my Artdroids show there, and this was the Centre piece of the exhibition.

This iconic piece was printed as 4 postergrams on the back covers of 2000ad ( Progs 260-3) for you to cut out and stick to your wall! This piece represents the warring evil Norts, and the Southerners, with Rogue Trooper caught in the middle, fighting for justice, and the redemption of his murdered and discredited clone brothers. This piece is not only the largest Rogue Trooper piece Dave Gibbons ever did, but also the most iconic. It encapsulates the entire story, and shows why Dave Gibbons is respected as one of Comics foremost exponents of Graphic storytelling. The Art is currently archive mounted and framed (it can be removed) and has not been displayed in light. The Art is on heavy card (single piece) and is in very fine condition.
 It is a whopping 114 by 36 cm!
Own a piece of 2000ad Comic book history.
 £ 10,000.00 Pounds


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