2000ad Prog 578 - ABC WARRIORS fight page - SIMON BISLEY - The BIZ

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: SIMON  BISLEY all

BIG JOBS!!!! Mongrol and Mek quake duke it out, and Blackblood almost finds out what's in Joe Pineapples chest box, but is thwarted by Terri, the human who thinks she's a robot! From 2000ad Prog 578, 11 June 1988. Art is HUGE, 52 x 62 cm on card in good condition, no issues. On the back of the page is various sketches, a half body Joe Pineapples, pencilled Blackblood head, a human head, and a winged creature. 3500.00 pounds (time payments available)



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